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Since being founded in 2009 DERT has been working to restore the Deschutes Estuary. Over this time we have engaged with our local community, politicians and local experts to move this process steadily towards restoration of the estuary. Through this process we have generated a number of reports and publications – we have also sent out newsletters, produced our Deschutes Watershed Guide, and several videos to help engage with our local community. This page will be regularly updated as DERT continues to engage with our community.

Deschutes River Watershed Guide

The watershed guide was produced in 2016 and is meant to be a guided tour through the Deschutes River Watershed covering its human and ecological history through the destruction of the estuary by the construction of the 5th Ave Dam and into modern times with our current efforts to restore the estuary. Click on the following link to download DERT’s Deschutes River Watershed Guide.

Deschutes River Estuary Restoration: Taking the Long View

This video was produced in 2016 as a way to engage with the local community and show people the history of the estuary and why it should be restored.

Deschutes River Estuary Restoration Taking the Long View from SplatterPUSS Entertainment on Vimeo.

DERT’s Response to the Dual Basin

The Dual Basin option has long been seen by some as a compromise between those who want to keep Capitol Lake as it is and those who want to see the estuary restored. However, the Dual Basin option has many flaws that DERT outlined in our official response to this option that we submitted to the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services in 2016. Click the following link to read DERT’s response to the Dual Basin option.

Why Restore the Deschutes Estuary

DERT has made the case the restoring the Deschutes Estuary is the right path forward. Click the following link to read more about why restoring the estuary is the right path forward.

Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide was a video produced for DERT to make the case for restoration of the estuary and encourage people to support DERT.

Turning The Tide from danimadrone on Vimeo.

Yestuary – DERT Newsletter

Yestuary is DERT’s newsletter – Click on the following links to download each newsletter.