Top 10 Personal Reasons to Restore the Deschutes Estuary Posted January 29, 2018 by Daron Williams


Why do you want to restore the Deschutes estuary?

On this week’s Facebook Live chat instead of answering questions we asked you that question. Why do you want to restore the Deschutes estuary? DERT’s board member Daron shared his reasons with you all during the live chat which you can watch above if you missed it.

Our post about the importance of estuaries covered the scientific reasons why estuaries matter and why it is important to restore the Deschutes river estuary.

But lets be honest – we all know that scientific reasons do not always win the day. If they did climate change would be solved, the Deschutes river estuary would already be restored, and many other problems would also be solved.

We are not motivated by numbers but we are motivated by our passions, our values, and our emotions. So when we ask the question why do you want to restore the Deschutes river estuary we want to hear about your passions, values, and emotions.

These are what will inspire others to join our movement and restore the Deschutes river estuary.

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Top 10 personal reasons to restore the Deschutes estuary

To start this conversation the DERT team is sharing 10 of our top personal reasons to restore the Deschutes estuary. We all know the science is clear and that the estuary should be restored. But these are 10 reasons that get the DERT team out of bed each morning to fight to restore the Deschutes river estuary.

  1. We want to know that we can see a wrong done to nature, and right it.
  2. Moving water, as in rivers and streams, connotes life, and change, and complexity, and sometimes wonder.
  3. Create habitat for young salmon, water fowl, eagles and other wildlife.
  4. Bring back the days when you could kayak in at high tide and paddle up to the falls to watch the salmon.
  5. All life has an inherent right to survive.
  6. Provide a legacy that we can be proud of for future generations.
  7. Honor and respect the past and the people who called the estuary home before it was destroyed.
  8. Our continued manipulation and degradation of natural systems put all of us into a death spiral with regard to what we need to live.
  9. A restored estuary would be a symbol that our State lives up to its stated values of protecting and respecting the natural world.
  10. I want my son to grow up in a world where we live with nature not in battle against it – and I want him to know that I did my part to create that world.

This list could just go on and on – many reasons were left out and I cheated and put in my own at the end of the list. But my son is the single biggest driver for me. I want him to grow up in world where a restored Deschutes river estuary is symbol of our society choosing a better way forward.

Now it is your turn to take action. Go to our Facebook page and tell us why you want to restore the Deschutes river estuary or if you don’t have Facebook then email us: olydert ‘at’

If you want to know what has been done so far to restore the Deschutes estuary and what the next steps are check out our blog post: Restoring the Deschutes River Estuary.

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