Just say YES!!!  to restoring the Deschutes Estuary.  DERT – the Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team is working diligently to restore the Deschutes estuary by reconnecting the Deschutes river to South Puget Sound’s Budd Inlet and the Salish Sea.

It 1951, the Deschutes River was dammed at its mouth to create a reflection pond for the State Capitol. Over time, the basin has filled with sediment, stagnant water, and invasive species. The state has commissioned many studies on this environmental and public health hazard, and they all point to dam removal and estuary restoration. However, no decision has been made towards remediation.

DERT advocates for the removal of the 5th Avenue dam to comply with the Clean Water Act. DERT cares about watershed and ecosystem health supporting natural habitat and a statewide community that values water quality, economic opportunity, and recreational access.

Please enjoy our website – full of important information and ways for you to take action to support estuary restoration.  Thanks for stopping by!!